Monday, August 18, 2014

Enter and Win

Gideon over a Public Defender has a contest.  You enter and can win.  The possibilities are endless -  a stun gun to the head while unconscious (yes that one happened), a taser,  a police SWAT team to your door, a Police beating and possibly a shooting, chokehold or any of the number of ways the Police show respect to their victims.

Beat them at their own game (a pun I love them!) and see if we can indecently expose them for the dangerous perpetrators they are.   They love to smear the victim too so join in and see if you can find ways that they somehow excuse, justify or mumble their way through a press conference. Then if any Journalist has the audacity to ask questions they can shoot their way out of that too!

Here is the Contest and good luck!

he BS PC project

Spurred by the latest happenings in America vis-a-vis police officers and the stunning amounts of statism on display, I was reminded that we in the field know that officers are full of crap and most of the people in the world think officers are the second coming of Jim Carrey in “Liar, Liar”.
One of the many ways in which officers’ BS is on display is in their reports and their claims of probable cause or reasonable suspicion. The classic “furtive movement” or “clutching the waistband”.
So I figured why not just collect these nonsense pretexts and put them on display for the world to see? So send me screencaps of the reports that you find – with identifying information redacted, of course – and I’ll post them over at (there’s nothing there yet).

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