Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bitch Stole My Look

I love Joan Rivers Fashion Police post awards shows.   From the garish to the gorgeous we can all watch and get that sometimes you are having more than just a bad hair day.

My favorite is the "Bitch Stole My Look" or akin to I believe one of the rags has "Who wore it better?"

Even the Onion did a satiric look at the military gear cops wear and they voted on who looked better... the only one I could see similiarities were gas masks...hard to tell who carries that one off.

And on Twitter this morning I read a link to an article about how American cops are like Latin American police now.  Well there you go.  I thought frankly we were looking a little third world and sometimes you need to wonder what are the differences.

So let's look at some photos to see if you know who and where they are from:
He probably did not like being called Bobby

Canadian Cops Guarding A Tie Horton's from US takeover? 

Robo Cop, Syria or America?
Department of Homeland Security or Israeli Cops 
Africa or America
Egypt or Texas

America or DC
North Korea Lady Cops they do wear it better

One of the Americas - your pick!
Germany or the US World Cup Soccer Team 

USA or Balkan

Russia or a new James Bond

And lastly - guess?

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