Monday, June 2, 2014

VA or PU

Much is made of the Veteran's Administration "scandal" of late. Perhaps no one remembers the Walter Reed "scandal".

There has been much locally about our VA hospitals inefficiencies and this is not new nor surprising. I have written about my encounter with a woman who was the intake advisor to new Veteran's entering the system. She was to say the least angry and unkind in her assessments of her clients. So if that is indicative of what these wounded warriors encountered right off the bat, I can only imagine the rest of the people in charge of their care. No I don't need to imagine, I already know.

I frankly think from all my research and personal experience with public health facilities this Veteran scandal is not much different. These are the people who start off with the best of intentions but the bureaucracy and budgetary limitations strangleholds can lead to the bloom and the rose parting without sweet sorrow.

The turnover and the fact that many of the whistleblowers were actual Doctors is what is surprising. Proving that if Doctors actually gave a damn about their patients and less about their paycheck the revelations would be surprising.

So to say this is a problem exclusive to this unwieldy overwhelmed system systemic of Government run programs have it half right but it is no different in the profit industry side of medicine, they just pass on the costs to Patients. That is what was the point of the Affordable Care Act to actually put the predominant monies spent per patient were actually spent on the patient.

Remember when I said in prior posts, Government agencies are exempt and can waive compliance to actual law well here is another example. Regulation does not exist in the medical industrial complex at all and regardless this is just another damaged cog in a well damaged wheel.

And like everything there is the eye of the beholder. For many they are happy with their care. I spoke to a coffee shop friend whose mother works at a VA Hospital and he was shocked to hear this, again not surprising as we all think that anyone we know or care about are exempt from such sweeping generalizations. The same generalizations that govern all law making, education and health care but sure you are the special one that is different just like everyone else.

Here are some articles about the VA in the last few days and realize that we have a crisis in HEALTH CARE period. The Veterans have simply voiced what many poor or uninsured have experienced as well.

Veterans Praise Health Care

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Waiting List

Mentally Ill often Jailed

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