Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vigorous Defense

Social Media brings all kinds of bullies to the yard and no greater bullies than one's that possess a Law Degree.  They are certain that their propensity to swing Latin terminology is akin to dick swinging, they are classy like that.   

If you doubt it check Twitter and when you see "Lawyer" in the bio follow them for a hot minute and see the twit wars.   They even have bat signals to call their other Lawyer friends to dogpile on whomever has the audacity to disagree with them.  It always ends with the non Lawyer being called  "nut job".  For all their propensity for language you would think the commentaires negatifs would be multiple syllable.  Apparently Thesaurus' are not a part of the legal journals.

The other standard response is the patented scoff laugh as if anyone without the stupidity to spend 6 figures to sit through three years of largely philosophical education that has little to do with real law is another way this field dismisses anyone with the audacity to question their "brilliance."    That one is a little hard to do over the Internet. 

Two words to that Gideon's Trumpet. That landmark decision was based on a convicts pro se research and brief to the Supreme Court to ironically do what - get an Attorney.   Hmm maybe not a great idea.  Well the Supreme Court ruled that States  can now exterminate you even if you are both stupid and/ or retarded.   That would mean half of Congress is possibly up to find out first hand what a repressive angry Country we are.   Hope they can get a good Lawyer.

Well not this guy maybe....

Lawyer charged with felony intimidation over Facebook message to client’s ex-husband

Posted May 23, 2014 2:10 PM CDT
By Martha Neil
Attorney James Allen "Jim" Hanson says he was just trying to send a message to his client's ex-husband to expect a vigorous defense.
But his profanity-laced Facebook post to the man, which concludes "I've got you in my sights now," conveyed more, Indiana prosecutors say. They have charged the 41-year-old lawyer with felony intimidation, according to the Associated Press. If convicted in the Allen County case, he could get jail time and a fine of as much as $10,000.
WANE provides the full text of the Facebook post, which states:
"You pissed off the wrong attorney. You want to beat up women and then play games with the legal system … well then you will get exactly what you deserve. After I get [my client] out of jail I’m going to gather all the relevant evidence and them I’m going to anal rape you so hard your teeth come loose. I tried working with you with respect. Now I’m going to treat you like the pond scum you are. Watch your ass you little [expletive deleted]. I’ve got you in my sights now.”
Hanson admitted writing the post in a Fort Wayne police interview and said the language he used was equivalent to what his client's ex-husband had used, the station reports. However, he said he had not meant to threaten the man, but simply convey that he would gather all relevant evidence to defend his client.
Hanson represented his client in both the divorce and the misdemeanor domestic battery case brought against her by her ex-husband.

 And last week another Lawyer was sentenced to the big house himself.. no not the other big house on the hill as in Congress which is where most of them go, no this was the jail one.   He was a serial rapist.  No not to his clients, well maybe them just not the sexual rape. 

Love that photo of an Attorney being taken away in cuffs.  I am sure that many have just in a consensual way they seem to be perfect clients for that type of encounter.  Well maybe I have a new career in place, I have a lot of experience with Lawyers and I have their bills to pay. Circle of life as they say!  One hand whips another or whatever.

May 19, 2014 at 9:55 AM 
Attorney Danford Grant sentenced to 25 years for series of rapes 
Posted by grantsentencingLOK1King County Jail officers cuff Danford Grant after he is sentenced to 25 years in prison on Monday at the King County Courthouse. Grant pleaded guilty to a series of rapes. (Photo by John Lok / The Seattle Times)
Seattle attorney Danford Grant was sentenced this morning to 25 years in prison for raping five massage therapists. 
During his sentencing hearing in King County Superior Court, Grant apologized to the victims and their families.“I want to use this opportunity to acknowledge I have committed wrong and to express my deep regret for the emotional pain that I have caused,” he said.“I recognize that my behavior was reprehensible and know that I should be punished and that prison is a just punishment.” 
Emotional statements from several of Grant’s victims were read in court, prompting Judge William Downing to comment, “Their strength is as formidable as their innocence is unsullied.”Earlier this month, just as he was about to stand trial, Grant pleaded guilty to five counts of third-degree rape and one charge of  first-degree burglary. 
In his plea deal with King County prosecutors, Grant faced 25 years in prison: 5 years for each rape, with the burglary sentence to run concurrently with the rape sentences.Grant, 49, was arrested in September 2012 after a series of sexual assaults on massage therapists, according to police and prosecutors. 
He was originally charged with seven felonies in connection with rapes or attempted rapes of five massage therapists in 2011 and 2012. 
Last month, King County prosecutors added two felony charges, but later dismissed four of the nine felonies he faced involving three alleged victims over evidence concerns, according to court records. 
Had Grant’s case gone to trial, it was expected that he would present a defense that he engaged in paid, consensual sex with his victims.King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg has called Grant a violent serial rapist. He described him as a “man of power and privilege” who preyed upon women he believed were vulnerable.“He thought he chose his victims wisely,” Satterberg said following Grant’s pleas. 
All of Grant’s victims are Asian women.Four of the five victims wrote letters that were read in court this morning. 
One wrote that in Chinese culture, rape brings shame and embarrassment, which she believes is why he selected his victims. 
Another wrote: “I don’t have a shoulder to lean on; no family in America. I cry at night.” 
Following Grant’s plea on May 7, his attorney, Richard, Hansen, said Grant suffered from depression and sex addiction.Grant, a married father of three, had been on electronic home detention since posting $1 million bail in November 2012. 
He was a partner in a private law firm in Seattle before his arrest. 
An employment and business litigator, Grant once worked in the Seattle City Attorney’s Office and coached Little League baseball, according to his profile on the social media site LinkedIn.

His wife, also a City Attorney, helped hide evidence by relocating the family car.   She was promoted to the municipal courts.  Well obfuscating evidence is something Prosecutors are good at and one needs a Judge who understands said things. 

But these internets are dangerous places and waters in which to tread. Even Seattle Police, never ones to not be big bullies, or not depending on the day of the week, the current Chief, Mayor  or the Justice Department investigator, seem to have issues with cyberbullying too!  Its all the rage the kids do it today and they are moving towards adding this to another excessive law in which to place more into the prison system. 

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