Monday, April 21, 2014

The Ugly Truth

I feel as in any profession or world view we have sweeping generalizations and stereotypes that exist for a reason and other times exceptions to the rule.  The exceptions mean actually spending time asking questions, seeking answers and opening up to new ideas and new people.

As the last few years have put me in the direct path of the Jurisprudence system I have come away with a clear view that yes is clouded by both the positive and negative I have encountered. So while it is my perspective it is just that, mine, and that comes from a fish eyed lens.

And when I think of Doctors I again am limited to my experience and again utterly negative and utterly truthful.

So when you meet those whose world views and experiences are not yours you have to be willing to believe them.  Agree with them no.  But accept their view as theirs as they should do yours.  But that is not what happens.  In the knee jerk nation of attack and attack again until the other bleeds or runs away is the de rigeur of American society today. A quick perusal of social media confirms this and then the endless other means of online communication seem to run predominantly that of a bully pulpit in which to mock and debase anyone with the audacity to disagree with you.

It is truly a reflection that you see in the schools with children, which you hear on the radio, in the street and in the never ending talk nation on cable news.  Little ideas are exchanged but you do hear echo chamber or lather rinse repeat that dominates the like mentality of the audience in which they are targeting.

When I have the opportunity to have a real discussion I embrace it wholeheartedly. I don't have to agree but I do have to listen and in turn try to reconcile or understand their views with mine.

When it comes to the legal and medical field I find that nearly impossible.  I have yet to find anyone in either profession that I can actually respect let alone understand and communicate with. And apparently to them it is of course entirely my fault.  Nasty lot these educated "professionals" are.   The higher the degree and the more money you have paid for it apparently "entitles" one to treat and speak to those in the lower registers as scum.  

I wear the names these individuals call me quite proudly.  My mother used to say "take it from the source it comes from" and when the source has said "doctorate" after their name, I know I am at least being called a name by someone whom I find not fit to wipe my ass. And since I am not fit to wipe from their shoe its all good.

I found this on the internets today and once again it is quite telling.  While it is loaded with self hate I think the last notation is the most telling.  And to think you would actually pay someone who thinks that of you.  I have and its not pretty, talk about self loathing.

20 Reasons Not to Go to Law School

Considering Law School? First Consider a Lobotomy

I'm a lawyer. Here are 20 reasons not to make the same mistake I did. Here are 20 reasons not to go to law school.

1. All lawyers are assholes. A common misconception is that lawyers become assholes at the swearing in ceremony. Take it from me, they're assholes as early as law school orientation.

2. Law school costs a shitload of money. Unless your parents flit the bill, you're gonna be paying back student loans for the next 30 years of your life. You may even be writing articles for Associated Content just to meet your monthly school loan bills.

3. If you believe you go to school to learn, law school isn't for you. Law school isn't for learning, it's for competing against your fellow classmates. The same assholes I mentioned in Reason #1.

4. You learn absolutely nothing practical in law school. Law school is meant to help you think like a lawyer, not help you practice law. There are no classes entitled Legal Fees 101 or Getting Your Deadbeat Client to Pay. You learn that the hard way on your own.

5. Law school professors are pretentious pricks. Think of your worst college professor and multiply his or her conceit by one hundred. That's your average law school professor.

6. Law students don't drink nearly as much as college students. If you think you're going to law school to continue your partying days, think again. Law students aren't fun. Stay on campus, take graduate courses.

7. The Juris Doctorate degree is the only Doctorate degree you can earn and still not be called Doctor. "Counselor" just sucks, and it's usually used only by Judges right before they yell at you.

8. Law students are constantly asked for legal advice even though they don't know the first damn thing about the law. You either have to make something up or look stupid. Or both.

9. Final Exams suck. Your entire semester boils down to two weeks of tests, one session right before Christmas, one right before summer break. Talk about stress. Who needs that?

10. Summer Break sucks. You've got to work to build up your resume during summer break because all those aforementioned assholes are doing it and you're competing against them.

11. Three years is a long time. The four years of college flew by, but don't expect the same from the years you're stuck in law school. Remember, you're surrounded by assholes, you're competing, and no one's drinking. Time...moves...slowly.

12. The pretty girls are mean, the good-looking guys are dorks.

13. You are told at law school orientation that you cannot sustain a relationship while you are in law school. Say goodbye to your mate, and no, he or she will not be waiting for you over the next three years.

14. The Bar Exam sucks. It's two or three days of nonsensical questions that you will never have to answer again in your career. You'll study for three months for one damn test, and if you fail (and 40% of you will), you have to do it all over again in six months. And you'll look like a dumbass to the asshole friends you made in law school.

15. If you pass the bar exam, you then have to deal with the State's Character and Fitness Committee. If you've led any kind of life, you have at least one or two skeletons in your closet. Well, dust them off, because they're coming out. And some group of self-righteous assholes are gonna judge you by them.

16. The bigger the firm you end up with, likely the more money you'll make. The caveat is the bigger the firm you work for, the more assholes you'll work with.

17. Practicing law isn't a 9 to 5 gig. You work long hours. With those aforementioned assholes. Nuff said.
18. Lawyer jokes. Yeah, they were funny when you first heard them. But they get old real fast.

19. Most Judges are none too swift. And you have to kiss their ass right through their black robes. I mean, really these Judges have to take a pay cut to drape themselves in black and sit on a perch. How much fun can they be?

20. The best reason not to go to law school and not to become a lawyer is this: CLIENTS. Clients ruin the practice of law. They are often imbecilic tormentors who tell you time and time again, "You work for me." They know nothing about the law, but they wanna run the show. And worst of all, they don't like to pay their bills.

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