Thursday, April 10, 2014

Putting the Voc in Tech

In our ever increasing emphasis on STEM education the emphasis is on the T for Technology. Science, the foundation for the word is referring to the Computer part not the Biology, Chemistry and Physics part of science. Anyone not watching the "reboot" of Cosmos series on Fox is missing out.

But what we are doing is focusing on the only seeming "industry" America has left and that is the Tech sector. The boys and men of Silicon Valley with their bullshit mantra of "saving the world" has led people and our Government to actually believe the hubris and arrogance that emits as some form of "disruption."

Honestly has one word ever meant so little to so many? Well okay maybe the word "entitlements" might be the other.

Mike Rowe may not be hosting Dirty Jobs but he still discusses them, he still very much is an advocate for the working man. And this video shows that many agree with him. The Mike Rowe Foundation is worth supporting. Check out the mikeroweWORKS Foundation website or what is perfectly titled in this connected age, Profoundly Disconnected.

There you can read what is up with Mike and where you will find links to donate and buy shirts, posters and more. Proceeds go to the foundation. We have started realizing that having a skill means being trained and educated in said skill.

And while the Oligarchs supposedly bemoan the lack of skill set to fill the supposed jobs that are unfilled, they seemingly have no problem "disrupting" education to fit the needs of the Plutocrats and Autocrats desire to make what was once public, private. Watch the video and be empowered to fight back and disrupt in the way the word intended. Si Si Puede!

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