Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Improved Better?

The attached article is another excellent one with regards to the costs associated with the "supposed" advancement to medicines.

 What it discusses that with the improvements come costs that make it nearly impossible for the average individual to afford the new "technology" when the old way worked just as well and without the costs.

 The tech sector with their bullshit of saving the world is again indirectly or not responsible for this as it mirrors the Jobs belief of "planned obsolescence" by making it impossible to maintain the old way once the new and improved version arrives.

We have a nation of pushers and addicts thanks to the Technology sector and it's a good thing that we have that new phone we can call for help when we are dropping dead from illnesses that we used to be able to control and maintain.

 The Pushers or as they are often called the Doctors who get from the Dealers, Big Pharma, are of course between a rock and hard place - the one where their patients they took that Oath to serve don't have the money or resources to compete with the Dealers sweet sweet cut of the action. In medical malpractice you can actually accuse a Doctor of Battery if they perform a procedure that disables or harms you.

 We need to accuse them of robbery too. At least a burglar takes your shit and leaves, they don't leave a bill as well.

 I am well aware that not all Doctors are scum and the article mentions just some who are equally mystified by this so it is good to know that some do still abide by the Hippocratic Oath.

 But in the Mafia they kill the ones who violate the Omerta. Watch out their Doctor

  Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills

 New York Times April 5, 2014 

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