Monday, March 3, 2014

Mississippi Burning

When one thinks of that it recalls a heinous time in history with regards to the Murder of Voting Rights activists in the deep south. But in reality there is little to say for what has never changed only that the truth behind that story was not as the movie made it sound. But then again is anything in the movies as they sound?

Radley Balko of the Washington Post wrote in detail about the fraud, duplicity and deception in Mississippi crime labs and its just another long list of crime labs where the science is about as junk in Sanford's lot.

I have attached a link to the Balko story and within are links to further articles to what is tantamount to the level of crime and duplicity that was in the movie.

We have a horrendous criminal justice system. The Civil one is not much better. We elect Judges but in reality we have not a clue in our head who these individuals are.

Our local bar association rates Judicial competency and provides summary conclusions on their website. Who knows of this site and the information therein? No one I know and even that is suspect as the rate of actual Attorney's who work with each Judge is limited. Why most are plea bargains and the role of the Judge is simply to authorize and sign off. It is only during trial when the apparent skills or lack thereof become apparent.

But again that takes time and research so you don't vote or don't care and then you in some way further contribute the problem of Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct. It all starts with a vote.

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