Monday, March 17, 2014

Labor Lost

I just finished Radley Balko's new blog entry on a settlement regarding a woman having her baby taken from her post partum, as she tested "positive" for drugs.

Okay, on the off chance that once again hospitals the bastion of drug pushers and users who are oddly not testing their own staff and meanwhile shoving opioid and other mind numbing potentially damaging drugs down your throat or in an IV directly into the blood, such a better high!, that they might actually get it wrong.

I still love the proud way Darcy Jaffee of Harborview Hosptial informed me when I asked why I tested positive for Benzodiazepine in my blood, she responded "we gave it to you." Yes you did bitch but as the hapless Nurse Graff responded in Court after admitting he injected with said drug, Midazolam, a powerful narcotic that they give to Prisoners prior to executions and later Fentyl and opioid goes "I have no way in knowing what the test positive was for, if it was for those I gave her or others in her system." Of course running said test PRIOR to giving me drugs as well as taking my blood first is not a problem, no not at all. Harborview Hosptial the dumbest most dangerous care in Seattle.

So now if these dipshits can't get it right, the supposed Trauma 1 Center for not just Washington but 3 other states who force their injured to fly into Seattle for what is basically shitty ass care that they somehow can't find in their own state, not my problem, but as they say "just saying."

The fact is that this falls under the idea that rsa ipsa loquitor or the thing speaks for itself. And without having any medical background or knowledge today you can find out everything almost everything you need to know on the Internet, including what can cause "false positive" for blood readings. Good to know that taking her medical history and inquiring to her privately about the test result without the need of law enforcement is a policy that this hospital elected not to do. And they got sued. I am doing the same. It's that which speaks for itself. You are a moron, heard that loud and clear. Nothing says conversation with idiot more than one with a pretentious letter or two after their name.

And of course once again the media aka the village idiots with microphones are of course contributing to their role as warning to the community. I would love once for follow up or time permitting to fully uncover the truth. Nope they have to move onto taking heads without David Byrne.

I get why people don't read papers or watch the news but there are points to be made and that is why I read and in turn ask questions. Even Radley apologized in his column for making a presumption about what he wrote as he failed to investigate it thoroughly. Do you think the Doctors or Hospitals will or the Judge and Court will to the women whose children they yanked away or expunge their records free of charge? Don't wait for it.

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