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When I first saw that I thought "is this the one with Russell Crowe before he became fat and more obnoxious?"  And then I read it.

And as I noted in the last post, the prison for profit system is the dominant factor in why many Americans are incarcerated no let me say this appropriately PERSECUTED.  So many "crimes" are exaggerated by the Media and their tails the Legislators and the head of the dog, the Lobbyists, that few laws are written with or without their direct or indirect participation.

I love to review Attorney's websites and of course many of them as well exploit the flavor of the month or whatever "victim advocate acronym/group" that acts as Lobbyists and in turn faux charity to enhance revenge laws to compensate for their anger and grief.  I get your pain I just am unsure why I have to pay for it.  There is no doubt their role and advocacy plays into the over legislation aka punishment mentality that permeates our jurisprudence system.

Prudence: As defined…

the quality or fact of being prudent  
wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober.
caution with regard to practical matters; discretion.
regard for one's own interest
provident care in the management of resources; economy; frugality.
And none of that applies when it comes to law making. So we outsource or insource by hiring or contracting third party industries that are to supposedly save costs and in turn meet the standards as prescribed by laws that are utterly ignored, unregulated or under-enforced - unless you are a poor. 
I feel that this Prison could have made even more money had they created a reality program akin to Survivor or some other quasi feel good show that makes us feel better about locking everyone up.  

FBI takes over investigation of Idaho prison nicknamed ‘Gladiator School’

Friday, March 7, 2014,

The Correction Corporation of America, a private prison company, is accused of severely understaffing Idaho’s largest prison. According to the ACLU, inmates call the prison ‘Gladiator School’ because it was so violent.

BOISE, Idaho — The FBI has launched a criminal investigation into private prison company Corrections Corporation of America which ran what Idaho inmates called "Gladiator School" because of a violent reputation they say understaffing helped create.

The Nashville, Tenn.-based CCA has operated Idaho's largest prison for more than a decade, but last year, CCA officials acknowledged it had understaffed the Idaho Correctional Center by thousands of hours in violation of the state contract. CCA also said employees falsified reports to cover up the vacancies. The announcement came after an Associated Press investigation showed CCA sometimes listed guards as working 48 hours straight to meet minimum staffing requirements.

Inmates call the prison ‘Gladiator School.’

The Idaho State Police was asked to investigate the company last year but didn't, until amid increasing political pressure, the governor ordered the agency to do so last month. Democratic state lawmakers asked the FBI to take up the case last month.

Idaho Department of Correction spokesman Jeff Ray confirmed Friday that the FBI met with department director Brent Reinke on Thursday to inform him about the investigation. Idaho State Police spokeswoman Teresa Baker said her agency was no longer involved with the investigation and the FBI has taken it over entirely.

""They (the FBI) have other cases that are tied to this one so it worked out better for them to handle it from here," Baker said.

CCA spokesman Steve Owen could not be immediately reached, but Owen has previously said that his company would continue to cooperate with any investigation.

Understaffing at Idaho prions has sparked federal lawsuits against CCA.

The understaffing has been the subject of federal lawsuits and a contempt of court action against CCA. The ACLU sued on behalf of inmates at the Idaho Correctional Center in 2010, saying the facility was so violent that inmates called it "Gladiator School" and that understaffing contributed to the high levels of violence there.

In 2012, a Boise law firm sued on behalf of inmates contending that CCA had ceded control to prison gangs so that they could understaff the prison and save money on employee wages, and that the understaffing led to an attack by one prison gang on another group of inmates that left some of them badly injured.
The Department of Justice requested a copy of a forensic audit done for the Idaho Department of Correction earlier this year. That audit showed that CCA understaffed the prison by as much as 26,000 hours in 2012 alone; CCA is strongly contesting those findings. CCA's Owen has said the company believes the audit overestimates the staffing issues by more than a third.
CCA's contract with Idaho was worth about $29 million a year. In February the company agreed to pay Idaho $1 million to settle the understaffing claims.

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