Saturday, February 22, 2014

Trade and Off

Much is made about the Government enabling those to remain unemployed and on the Government dime, teat or whatever expression floats your boat. There has been a great move to believe and endorse the idea that charity begins at home and that local communities, churches and "non profits" can easily sustain the hoarding masses who need help holding up those bootstraps.

In every scenario, in every compromise there is something called a trade off. We have to give up something and get something it may not be what we want but it may be what we need to get by.  But as things get tough the tough get going and what that now means is get going as in out of here is you are going to use/need or want services that the Government, local, state or city, once provided. 

I live in Seattle where like many liberal cities of the West Coast are infamous for their supposed generosity and supposed open door to those in need.  Our streets are littered with them. Littered as that is what they are garbage,  human garbage, to be tossed aside and ignored.

Yes we have public hospitals and churches and non profit missions and foundations that have existed for decades and their counterparts exist in less liberal states as well.   But what they have been doing is increasingly made being homeless or mentally ill a criminal activity.  And with our love of prisons as a form of public housing, incarcerating them is the preferred option.  The other is a bus ticket out of town and there are well documented cases I have written about many times.

And the mentally ill when imprisoned are largely confined to solitary, further contributing to their degenerating hold on reality which in turn means more problems in our prison for profit system.  There is a larger move to realize the inhumanity and tragedy that this causes as New York moves away from this practice and other states are following suit.   But we still have no way of dealing with what this means in treating and handling the mentally ill in this country, so if not jail then what?

I step literally over human waste getting off the bus daily. I  am asked for money within a door stop of my house, on the bus, walking the street by blocks and when I am not I am stepping over those passed out/sleeping in doorway after doorway. 

Many are taken to the defacto mental health holding facility/jail - Harborview Hospital. Then in 3 days as allowed by law released to their "own recognizance."   It might explain why this supposed acclaimed trauma hospital staff are incompetent, judgemental and utterly dangerous  as they have mini fiefdoms,  many chiefs and no Indians in which to uphold their charter mandate established by the County - to help the poor.

Again, if I was a patient in need of trauma services and flown here from Alaska I would hope that I was transferred immediately after the supposed only medical providers in the entire United States in this geographical region can apparently repair me are done repairing me.   Something tells me that I may be wrong on that one.    But nothing says bullshit more than Hospital Administrators.

So how can municipalities finding themselves further drained of resources by the federal government who find that discussing utterly useless arguments than actually truly examining a budget and funding appropriately survive.  Well many are simply going on part time, this way they can avoid raising wages and in turn Obamacare.  We here are looking at raising wages of our City workers  and not that service will improve as it was also proposed that we have garbage collection every other week. Trade and off.

And if you think that access to needed city and county services will improve as a result think again.  I support wage raises and health care but I am a municipal employee only on demand.  I work with no contract no guarantee and that sick leave that Seattle passed for all employees, I am exempt. As for health care I can buy it from the district or from the exchange.  Guess which one I chose, the exchange.  It is largely the former State run insurance but it has a new name. Still crappy care but it just didn't limit me to Harborview the dump as previous public insurance did.   And they have a program that calls you for work based on seniority and when you work certain hours your hourly rises, suddenly the phone stops ringing. Think that there are no sub jobs, no there is actually a shortage of subs but the district can't pay that wage so the schools go without and figure it out.  Done gigs at schools that day and you run up and down stairs, other teachers cover during their prep and even Administrators are forced to do the job.. actually I have never seen that but whatever.   Standing outside Lowes becomes an option it is pretty much the same.  And so when students treat substitutes like dirt, I get it.  No one gets what it is like to be treated as human waste better than me.

So while the Gap may be raising wages, what about the health care mandate?   Raise wages cut hours.  I am sure that will be the next story.

And the current union issue with regards to the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee is still up for debate. The funny thing was the company, German, those Socialists, was not against the idea.  Germany has strong unions or labor councils which they want to import here but who was against the idea - the legislators of the State.  They fear that this whole idea of worker representation would affect the State attracting business. What kind of business? I guess those who exploit labors and the States willing to be exploited by businesses taking advantage of tax loopholes and no regulations.  It is working out well in West Virginia isn't it?  That water makes the water in Sochi seem drinkable. 

The overwhelming resistance to raising hourly wages is the new Benghazi.  The report that claimed more jobs will be lost with the health care mandate is another flag to wave while not one single legislator sits down with their actual constituents or local leaders or anyone in their State to actually figure out what will work. That would require well working!

And when all else fails we can always talk about the weather!  Well maybe not as that too has put a strain on the pipes that in turn means more public works and repair needs to an already crumbling infrastructure and an equally crumbling budget to match.

These bootstraps on which we so rely are getting pulled a little thin if not apart.   And what is sad there is no Cobbler to repair them. Do they even exist anymore in our toss out the broken shit in the garbage nation. Shame there also will be no one to collect that garbage soon.

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