Friday, February 14, 2014

Caught Something?

Well probably from either your Doctor, the Nurse or the waiting room.

There was this study that found most children on well children visits get sick. Now of course there are fingers, sick and well, pointing to other sick children, and to some extent that is true.

We have a nation of Parentfriend. This new generation who feel that letting them be free as Elsa the lion cub is what children need to grow to independent adults, the concept of self management that is very akin to our capitalist philosophy in business. In both cases we can see it working out well.

But we cannot forget that most of the infections come from the Medical professionals and their own inability to wash between customers, whoops, I mean patients. We are just customers really.

Which brings me to the next article, that more Doctors are starting to move away from private practice to salaried professions. Naturally this will be a Catch 22 and we will catch 22 bills as they continue to have to meet the demands of their Administrators and order more tests.. just to be certain.

I did appreciate that a Doctor finally admitted the truth.. we need single payer. To that I say he needs a bonus.

Dr. Jacowitz said that the economics drove the choice and that the only other option would have been to bring in more revenue by practicing bad medicine — ordering more heart tests on patients who did not need them or charging exorbitant rates to people with private insurance. He said he knew of one cardiologist in private practice who charges more than $100,000 for a procedure for which Medicare pays about $750.
“Some people are operators and give the rest of us a bad name,” he said, adding that he had changed his opinion about America’s fee-for-service health care system. “I’m fed up — I want a single-payer system.”

Another admitted the system in rampant with waste, not just the medical kind.

Dr. Kirk Moon, a radiologist in private practice in San Francisco, also sees advantages for the nation when doctors become employees. “I think it’s pretty clear that sooner or later we’re all going to be on salary,” he said. “I think there’ll be a radical decrease in imaging, but that’s O.K. because there’s incredible waste in the current system.”

But the article does state that in the transition interim phase we will have a period of adjustments and we still have a long road ahead with regards to getting America insured. And that doesn't seem to be happening at quite the enthusiastic clip believed.

There is a problem with those not paying their first premium after signing up and there is an overwhelming lack of enrollment by the Hispanic population. And given our current climate and attitude toward Immigrants I don't see this changing any time soon. Try making them legal and then insured.

But on good news. There has been such hostility and aggressively towards health care professionals who perform abortions for women. This highly charged, highly politicized issue continues to amaze me as it comes from the same no government in our lives and regulating our personal business until it comes to the issue of women's private personal reproductive rights. I grew up with a simple belief - don't want something don't take it. And in this case it applies. Don't want an abortion then don't have one. What other people do is not my business and certainly not my business when in concerns their private parts.

So when a North Dakota hospital gave admission privileges to the sole, as in singular as in only, as in one abortion provider in the State, that is reason to say thank GOD. If you so believe in God you believe in the right to ensure all people who are in need of medical help deserve to have it. And this should be a belief that is about civil rights and human rights of whatever faith.

Catch a dose of love this Valentine's weekend. Just love someone for being a human being as you are. It is something shared.

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