Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not So Fast

As we often wonder what makes a community and how that is defined, I think the coffee shop is the most prevalent one in almost any one's description. Perhaps it was the diner/coffee shop that Seinfeld and friends hung out or Central Perk where the Friends gathered to discuss the events du jour, or there was Flo's Diner or later Luke's (a diner for every generation)and let us not forget to include Cafe Nervosa where a Seattle dweller Fraiser analyzed his life. Wherever and whenever the time period the local watering hole for whatever beverage served it has a resonance that many of us identify.

For many, Starbucks the ubiquitous Seattle association with coffee, came and is the coffee equivalent of the fast food chain is now the hang out spot. Instead of a Big Mac you order a Grande Latte, add free wi-fi and the faux urban feel of the local java joint, it is for many a place of work or of respite.

That does not mean the fast food chains are not included in this as we have learned of late that for many Seniors, McDonald's holds that same appeal and their menu includes now Lattes and other beverages that are for many in the not-broken-hip crowd.

And sadly that has also been the source of ire for many of those who work there. Funny you think they would spend more time organizing about wages and working conditions than the Seniors congregating over bad coffee. But not all and in the article here, you read that not everyone agrees.

I am a lover of coffee and I do have my favorites, my personal is Cupcake Royale, I love the coffee (and yes the cupcakes but get real not every day) but I love the people who work there and the owner's politics actually matter and it is why I started going there but its not what keeps me there. And like the kids who loved the Peach Pit or Arnold's I go to my local pizza joint not for the coffee or the pizza but the for the camaraderie. I have met many great and not-so-great people there, but hey I need material for my ongoing tome, Conversation with Idiots. And yes they seem to have a lot there and yet I have never met the one I wish to, soon to be retiring Senator Adam Kline who represents the district in which it is located. I cannot wait!

I am sure I have offended people there as well and that is what it means to be in public, you will encounter those you don't like and those you do but it is the latter that teaches you more about tolerance and understanding more than many life lessons can provide.

But this is a nation that doesn't talk to people unless online or on phone. So many times I hear that having a conversation is hard and I wonder why that is unless you are stupid and then cognitive functioning takes more time but that is why I have conversations with even idiots to see if I have something in common and find that common ground and in turn something on which to learn. But wait! Learn you say? Yes even I queen of the snark learn something from idiots. What is exactly is unclear but I am fine with that.

I do worry when we are not able to have spontaneous conversations and encounters without pre planning or thought of as "asking for trouble." I still go back to belief that if you are robbed, raped, assaulted you somehow participated in that happening and then if that is the case, we should all become hermits and never leave our homes. Since most jobs will be done by robots soon that should solve that. Having an income I guess would be from programming and operating the robots from a satellite location like the drone program or NSA surveillance.

I think we could do excellent surveillance well in public, fascinating I can assure you. Funny some idiot/acquaintance told one of the many idiots that handled my medical case that I lived in isolation. I only wish that was true but this person actually never spoke to me in years and has never spoken to me since so I find that fascinating as well. People are assholes and idiots they can be mutually exclusive and I know this from personal experience but you won't know that unless you actually speak to them. Then you can actually tell them that as well!

Get out and have a coffee just don't stay long or tip well as for many in the food service industry they make shit for wages and they deserve respect even when they don't necessarily give it, this might explain why.

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