Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who Built It?

As we have come to believe that all mythical unicorn job creators are independent "entrepreneurs" who without Government interference would be busy putting people to work, never committing acts of fraud, malfeasance, or any other illegal doings. They would be inherently honest, do what is right and well they would "Just Do It".

And then we have the Wind Energy business dying in the breeze thanks to the potential end of tax credits, we have the rich tech geeks of Tesla and yes of Solyndra who made sure their access to Department of Energy loans and grants were well used and we have many many more industries that came to existence through Government support and research. The irony being the very Internet that the Tech industry so needs is part of it. And of course they too exploit with tax credits to build server farms that pollute the air and source excess amounts of energy in the process. But hey let's just pretend we have no Governmnent and then let's see how that works out. There are actual Countries that have that and well if you watched the news you might see it.

But once again I read about another Government plan that might be actually about getting America to Re-build itself. And its collaborative, bi-partisan and gender equal. Shocking on paper its hard to believe but it exists.

And of course its origins were lobbyists. The very real "roundtables" of profit industries and the "non profits" that are really about profit but don't want to pay taxes but hey any port in a storm and this is a hell of a storm. Regardless of the source the idea is getting people back to work to re-build America. We not I and its "we the people" which sometimes get lost in the MEME of today's "Me Generation"

Bill to Spur Use of Building Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction Introduced: The
“Commercial Building Modernization Act” (S. 3591)

Legislation recently introduced by Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) — joined by Senators Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) as co-sponsors — would reportedly create thousands of U.S. construction and manufacturing jobs by spurring energy efficient retrofits of commercial and multifamily buildings, according to an industry-conservation alliance that includes The Real Estate Roundtable, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The “Commercial Building Modernization Act” (S. 3591) would extend and improve the existing federal tax deduction (Section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code) by leveraging vast sums of private sector investment for technology-neutral, performance-based retrofits. Although the deduction has been available for years (enacted as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005), it has been cumbersome and costly for building owners to apply Section 179D for comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits, the alliance reports. As a result, the current deduction has mostly been used for partial building system upgrades — when used at all.

The reformed 179D tax deduction would generate more than 77,000 construction, manufacturing, and service jobs throughout the country — while achieving greater national energy security and independence — according to a a 2011 analysis released by USGBC, NRDC and The Roundtable.

“The Snowe-Bingaman legislation is exactly the type of forward-thinking policy America needs right now,” said Real Estate Roundtable President and CEO Jeffrey D. DeBoer. “Saving energy is cheaper than producing energy. Modest incentives such as a reformed 179D tax deduction give us great bang-for-the-buck in terms of creating jobs, saving businesses billions of dollars on utility bills, and leveraging private sector funds to enhance GDP and jump-start the sluggish economic recovery.”

“This bipartisan legislation demonstrates how tax policy supporting energy efficiency and green building concepts in the places we live and work can create jobs and support innovation in the private sector,” said Roger Platt, Senior Vice President for Global Policy and Law at the U.S. Green Building Council. “Saving money and creating better buildings makes good sense from any perspective, and the potential of 77,000 new jobs and billions in energy savings is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“This is a win-win for the economy and the environment. This bill will give the right people the right tools they need to make our nation’s buildings more efficient, allowing building owners, architects and engineers and other stakeholders to help us reduce carbon pollution,” said Franz Matzner, associate director of government affairs at the Natural Resources Defense Council. “By targeting the incentive for retrofits and focusing on real energy savings, this bill will reduce energy bills, create jobs and clean up the air we breathe.”

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